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What Is Onecoin Audit Report?

One thing that we should realize when we have decided to invest our money in OneCoin is

to trust anything because before we decided, we must have considered many things. Many

people in the middle of their way in investment stop due to the audit issue. Indeed, audit

issue is everywhere including in OneCoin and that is why we have believed that everything

goes well because there is nothing to worry. It is normal for newbie to worry about the audit.

They worry about the coins that are mined outside from the blockchain but the proves tell

difference. Why audit is important and why do people worry about audit report? Let us tell

you few things about audit issue and its importance. Audit in every kind of currency is

important to control the consistency and transparency of its production. Many people believe

on conventional currency because there is audit by external and it always follows the legal

rules underlying the currency. Why does OneCoin need to have audit reports? Because it is

kind of currency, OneCoin Audit report is important to ensure that everything goes well

including the consistency and assessing the blockchain activities regarding the production

and inflation issues. So how are the audit reports in OneCoin? Here we are giving little

explanation about it.

The first company audit by external

Do you know that OneCoin is the very first company among the world’s that is audit by

external? The reason why external has the right place to audit OneCoin is simply because of

credibility. Credibility is so important in currency and we cannot avoid any of that. The more

credible the audit report, so it will be more reliable and trusted. This is to answer for those

newbies that are still doubt about the trust issue on OneCoin Audit Report. The procedures

of external company to audit OneCoin is firstly verifying the transactions that using automatic

tests and there will be some checks on the blockchain that all transactions are there and

there is no coins that are mined outside. The audit is also to make sure that the blockchain

runs consistently. It means that every transaction could be tracked well even for the first

transaction too.

One thing we should put trust here is that external audit is also with the good calculation and

mathematic software and it is automated engine that will ensure every data is valid. If you

still remember about the cryptography so you will understand about the audit too. External

audit is just to ensure the credibility and meanwhile the software of the blockchain control is

to keep the transaction and every activity in the currency is in line with the legal rules and

rules proposed in the first time when OneCoin firstly releases as a cryptocurrency. That is

why audit by external is important for OneCoin audit report to convince every member of this

currency that there is nothing to worry on the audit and control because everything is

watched well both by internal and external tools . You can check this blog :