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How to Apply OneCoin Card?

Posted by joshpaivablogs on October 18, 2016 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (121)

Have you known that there is not only currency like USD, EUR, and Pound sterling? They are all


conventional currency that has good power in financial world. There is not only about that kind of


currency but you still can get the digital money that has its own currency. It is called as cryptocurrency. If


you are looking for what the digital money that is good for you, then you have to come to OneCoin


because it has been wide world phenomena and everyone seems interested with this digital money. What


makes it legit is because there is no third party when you are going to have transaction, you don't need to


worry on scam in transaction, you don’t need to worry about inflation and many more. The reason is


simple because it is cryptocurrency and you will be safe in every kind of transaction. The activities will


be noted and seen in blockchain and moreover, there is also external audit to make sure that everything


goes consistently and you don’t have to worry on that.


There is nothing like scam because everything is under control on the blockchain due to external audit


and the automated system by the cryptography. The problem is when they have joined OneCoin and they


don’t understand how to withdraw the balance on their account. The answer is simple because you can


make OneCoin Card? What is that? It is a card that issued by bank and then operated by MasterCard. If


you are a newbie, you may not have known about the way to apply, so here are the ways to apply


OneCoin card.


  •  Go to the wallet The first thing to do when you are going to apply OneCoin card is to go to the


wallet on your account and then you need to go to user account and then fill all the fields properly


with the letters like Latina and then update all of your information to ensure the bank to verify


your personal identity and then verify the application


  •  After that, you need to verify your personal data by uploading your identity card, proof of


residency and then bank statement. You need to make sure that the documents are not fake


because it needs to have original one.


  •  Go to the money account and then ask the Card Request. You can update anything that you may


miss in the previous section so you will know that there will be many things to fill to complete all


personal information.


  • There will be some status you can wait like pending, approved, or rejected. Pending means that


you application is on waiting list to be reviewed so, you need to make sure that you are patient to


wait. Approved status means that you application is approved by MasterCard. Then rejected


status is that you cannot get the OneCoin Card for further transaction in real life because there is


no balance of OneCoin you can put on your MasterCard account. You can check onecoin main site blog